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It was an awkward gesture from a dying man in a complicated marriage. She doesnt remember whether they bought a sweater, but she remembers him every day, 27 years later. She remembers the engagement ring he was so happy to give her that he forgot to propose. She remembers what he wore when he was buried. She remembers the round rack of sweaters at the Robinsons May in Pasadena. What do we do with the clothing of grief? I bought a black dress years ago to wear to a friend's wedding, but when a funeral came ชุด ว่า ย น้ำ บิ กิ นี่ up a few months later, it was the only appropriate piece of clothing I owned. I've worn it to several funerals since and can't bring myself to wear it to any other occasion, touched by death as it has been. After making an appearance at my friends wedding, the dress became set apart for a different purpose. In this sense, it is like Victorian mourning clothing, which was always set aside for the specific purpose of mourning no little black dresses doing double duty for a cocktail party and a wake, but enormous black crepe dresses worn every day for years until the mourning period was over, or until full mourning lapsed into half mourning with its gentler rules of apparel .

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