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There is no wrong way to do it because everyones depression coaxes different needs. The American Psychiatric Association classifies depression as at least one or more major depressive episodesmeaning upward of two weeks of feeling depressed or losing all interest and/or pleasure in most activitiesin addition to at least four other symptoms like decreased energy, feelings of worthlessness, changes in sleep, weight or appetite, and recurrent thoughts of death or a suicide attempt. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in eight women will develop clinical depression during her lifetime, with women of color being more likely to have symptoms of depression than white women, even though they often have less access to mental health care. And the University of Louisville, Kentucky did a study on 351 transgender individuals, discovering that 51.4 percent of transgender women and 48.3 percent of transgender men had depressive symptoms, which is significantly higher than the rest of the population. I spoke to Dr. Amy Wechsler, a New York-based dermatologistandpsychiatrist (yes, she can prescribe you some dope zit creamand an antidepressant in one visit), who says physical health and mental health are intrinsically linked. Depression, a lack of sleep, and a decline in grooming often go hand in hand, she says. Depressed people often find it hard to take care of their hair, skin, and clothing, at a time when a routine issoimportant. For some people suffering from depression, however, the total opposite approach might take hold, and they cope by investingmoretime and money in self-care. London-based beauty blogger Alice Thomas ( @alxcext ) used to feel alienated by the online beauty community, because of both her brownness and depression. My lowest point with my mental health was reflected in my relationship with the beauty world on Instagram and YouTube, she says. I felt my face was not meant to be part of that world, which is where the frustration stemmed from.

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Russia calculated that the Syrian government required direct material support to guarantee its survival. In September 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the deployment of Russian forces to Syria. The intervention surprised the international community and immediately tipped the military balance in the government's favour. Moscow declared its intervention to be aimed at listed terror groups such as IS and al-Nusra Front, but it overwhelmingly targeted more moderate groups, including those receiving US support. Russia has subsequently become the main arbiter in international peace talks, effectively sidelining the UN and making the US a junior partner in the process. The Russian intervention has also upped the ante for any form of future Western intervention, as this would bring a real threat of direct combat with Russian forces. Retaking of Aleppo Image copyright AP Image caption Eastern Aleppo was the rebels' last major urban stronghold until it fell to the government The recapture of rebel-held eastern Aleppo by the government and government-aligned forces in December 2016 was the most significant victory for President Assad in the conflict to date. The loss of Aleppo appears to illustrate that the rebels' hopes of overthrowing the Assad regime militarily are at an end. But the government also lacks the capacity to control the whole of the country, meaning that victory will prove a relative term in Syria. Internationally, events in Aleppo cemented Russia's role as the main external actor in the Syrian conflict. They also resulted in Turkey replacing the US as the key interlocutor with Russia in the last days of the Obama presidency.

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