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Donald and Melania Trump Businesses don't like uncertainty, goes the mantra. Well, nor, it seems, do those looking for love. Grant Langston, chief executive of eHarmony, told BBC Radio 5 live's Wake Up To Money that the increase in activity on his site was reminiscent of those seen after the 9/11 attacks. "You see a spike in usage after Donald Trump and people's desires to be in a relationship, so if they're in a bad

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relationship they don't want to leave, and if they're not in one, they want to get into one. "November is usually a pretty low season, and we saw a tremendous spike in usage after the November 8 election. When 9/11 happened we saw a similar change in people. When times get unpredictable, they just want to be with someone." Tinder effect It's not only a changing political climate that is keeping eHarmony and its customers on their toes. Since the company was founded 17 years ago in California, the dating site now has many more competitors, with one in particular changing the landscape. "Tinder has made 20-somethings want to participate in online dating. Prior to that, it wasn't something that interested people in their 20s, they thought online dating was sad," says Mr Langston.

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