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He also said he ran a brothel and had been pressured to sell drugs to raise money for her election campaign, but had refused. The testimony came a day after senators voted to remove De Lima as head of a house committee probing the drugs war, a campaign condemned by the United Nations and human rights groups but cheered by Filipinos tired of crime and drug addiction. "I have de Lima's blessings," Colangco said, when Congress members asked how he had smuggled contraband into the prison. He said the bribes were paid through a security guard and presented what he said were receipts for the money remitted. Another convict testified to seeing De Lima in the cell of an inmate who monopolized drugs deals in one of the country's largest prisons. Two former prison officials told the panel they had delivered 5 million pesos in bribes to De Lima's home. Opposition to De Lima has intensified since she arranged for a self-confessed hitman to testify to a senate hearing last week that he saw Duterte shoot a man dead with an Uzi assault weapon and order other killings while a mayor of Davao City in the 1990s. Duterte's office denies the allegations. De Lima did not attend Tuesday's congress hearing and gave a speech at the senate defending the investigation. "No committee chairmanship is worth it, if it sacrifices my principles," she said. Speaking at an army base in Davao, Duterte said the events in Congress showed there were plenty of people who could back up his allegations that De Lima was taking cash from drug gangs.

"Very concerned for the well-being of the child," Cleveland police Chief Darrel Broussard said. Police said they are working with Child Protective Services on the investigation. CPS told KPRC 2 that they are checking to see if there are other children in the home and if the man in the photo has a "pattern of behavior." Erika Burch's Facebook post with the photos has been shared more than 18,000 times with many people expressing their concern for the child. "This is so sad. I feel horrible for that poor baby girl. I hope this gets investigated further," Tracy C. wrote. "No matter what a child does, you never pull them by their hair," Luis Z. wrote. While other people did not agree with how the child is being punished, they say people should not be too quick to judge the situation. "While I do not agree with his methods I'm not judging him either.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.clickorlando.com/news/photos-of-man-gripping-childs-hair-onto-walmart-shopping-cart-prompts-investigation-

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