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Clothing store ramps up security after second burglary

Security will be ramped up after Fridge Freezer Icebox Clothing store ramps up security after second burglary Jimo Rangi, manager of the Fridge in New Plymouth, is gutted to see his hard work attacked by a second break-in in a month. A Taranaki clothing store is pulling out the stops after its second break-in in just over a month. Manager of Fridge Freezer Icebox New Plymouth, Jimo Rangi, said he was phoned by police about 5:30am on Tuesday after the store alarm went off. "It's been rough because I've worked really hard for the last year and a half, two years to build this shop into something that people can come to, like a street store," he said. "It just feels that the hard work that I've put in and the people behind the scenes as well, and [then] people think it's okay to do this. Security will be ramped up after Fridge Freezer Icebox's second break in in a month. "It's just heartbreaking really, especially when you put so much heart and soul into something." He assumed they had been targeted for the merchandise they sold, which includes brands of clothes, shoes and hats, including Nike, Champion and branded team gear from the likes of the Oklahoma City Thunder and other NBA sides. Jimo Rangi was "gutted" to find another break-in in a month. "What we sell in our shop, no one else really has in New Plymouth. We're different in that regard and the gear they're targeting you can't find anywhere else in New Plymouth either. "We've got to pay bills; we've got to sacrifice our own pay to buy things." Rangi said he wasn't sure yet how much was taken.

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He says that typically, short-statured men have had to go for alterations just to get clothes to fit. "We call it the tailor tax," Manning said. "I just spent a fortune at the tailor….And I just thought, this is crazy. You shouldn't have to fix all of this stuff." So the former Broadway producer stepped into a new role on the sartorial stage, providing apparel for men 5-foot-8 and under.  Manning sold clothes online for two years before he opened up a brick-and-mortar shop in New York's trendy Flatiron district, giving the vertically-challenged a proper place to shop -- though marketing messages to men of a certain stature can be touchy. "What do we call those of us who are – small framed?" Wax asked. "That still sounds cute to me. And to me, it's not a cute issue. To me, it's a non-issue but it's certainly not cute," said Mark-Evan Blackman, a professor of menswear at the Fashion Institute of Technology. "Most people, if they're short, have other people in their families that are the same height and it's their norm. I don't think we call ourselves anything," Blackman said.

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