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Every Friday since September, the ladies have been meeting from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to pin, sew and press brightly colored and reversible dresses in sizes zero to five. It started when Helen Warring, who winters in Louisiana, asked for some help. “Giving hands and loving hearts gathered at the GIG Coffeehouse and continued to do so,” participant Kathi Boyle said. “Sewing with a Purpose continues to create these darling reversible dresses for Honduras and new ladies continue to come.” Pins, cutout patterns and other materials are provided,


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The answer is now here. A press release sent to HelloGiggles shared the vision for the line: Belles iconic yellow dress comes to life with a bodice of semi- sheer pleats and glittering ruffles adorning a skirt of yellow tulle. Lyrics from the memorable soundtrack become a modern print on a blue dress that recalls Belles morning stroll through the town. The collection is perfect for taking early spring walks while considering how handsome your partner will look when he turns back into a human. Also, this dress is on point for any occasion. The collection will be chock full of looks that say,