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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (L) and Mexico Secretary Tillerson spoke next, saying as a native Texan he had always considered Mexico a "very close neighbour", and echoing his counterpart's spirit of co-operation. "In a relationship filled with vibrant colours," he said of the two nations, "there will always be differences". Media captionRepublican Senators have faced angry crowds at town hall meetings across the country. Those differences were complicated further by the Trump administration's new guidelines on deportation of undocumented immigrants, especially those with criminal records. It fell to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to reassure his hosts that there would be "no mass deportations" and no use of the US military in immigration enforcement. That appeared to directly contradict what President Trump had said earlier in the day when he told a meeting of manufacturing CEOs that his administration had been getting "really bad dudes" out of the United States - before specifically stating that it was a "military operation". Media captionUS immigration raids leave many 'afraid to open the door' Mr Tillerson and Mr Kelly later met Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto behind closed doors before returning to Washington. The Trump administration issued a new policy on Tuesday targeting millions of illegal immigrants for possible deportation, mirroring a previous executive order signed by the president. Image copyright AP Image caption Mexicans deported from the US could be seen arriving at the airport in Mexico City on Thursday The new policy, which seeks to step up enforcement of existing US immigration laws, widens the net on deportation and speeds up their removal. It also calls for sending back to Mexico immigrants caught crossing the border illegally, irrespective of where they are from, and deporting anyone charged with, or convicted of, any crime.