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Apple's patent application for a recycled paper bag. Screenshot by Brian Bennett/CNET For Apple, dropping the headphone jack into the dustbin of history was just the start. It would seem that traditional paper bags have made the company's hit list too. According to a Tuesday report , Apple has filed a US patent application for a bag made from the pulp of trees. Now this isn't just ordinary paper pulp mind you. Apple specifically calls for the material of its ideal carryall to consist of 60 percent "post-consumer content." It's certainly a noble goal but not exactly a groundbreaking move. Still, the patent application is definitely more practical than other downright odd filings, of

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which Sony's wireless wig takes the cake. Of course, Apple is an extremely large corporation and a massive retail operation in its own right. It regularly submits patent paperwork for mundane topics such as fabric with laser-etched words , and a five-axis robotic arm .

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These businesses can be made to generate huge amounts of cash. Since 2011 Micro Focus has delivered annual compound shareholder returns of 39%. And its stated strategy is to deliver 15-20% returns to shareholders each year. That explains why Micro Focus has little problem funding its acquisitions. But its rise from mid-cap company to FTSE entrant and the near-doubling of its share price in the last year has taken many by surprise, so much so that many of the top technology analysts in London simply did not cover the stock. One analyst said: "I think many have steered clear of it because it is a complex company, a kind of portfolio business and until recently was not considered big enough. But that will all change now." However, Paraag Amin, technology analyst from Peel Hunt, has been watching the company for almost ten years. He explained that its strategy has been to buy up software that is "mature", i.e. no longer growing and about to be superseded by new products. Maturing software Software companies that were developed in the nineties have been "maturing" over the last five years and have fueled Micro Focus's dramatic acquisition programme and rapid expansion.

Rintala, 49, is accused of strangling Cochrane Rintala on March 29, 2010. This is her third murder trial, following mistrials in 2013 and 2014 resulting from deadlocked juries. She has been free on $150,000 bail since March 2014. Jurors will ultimately have to decide if Rintala did the shopping after leaving her already dead wife in the basement of their Granby home. Among video footage introduced by retired state police Lt. Chris Ray was a segment of Rintala's truck stopping at a Holyoke McDonald's restaurant. Ray said the driver got out and put something in an outside trash can. Under questioning from Assistant District Attorney Steven Gagne, Ray said he later looked inside the trash can and saw two rags and a diaper. He took the trash to investigators working on the murder case.

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